February PR’s

Congratulations on the February Pr’s! Everyone keep up the good work! I have been loving the intensity and drive!

PR & Goal Boards-

You’ve made the commitment to do CrossFit, now it’s time to make the commitment to specific short-term and long-term goals.  Without goals, what’s the point?!  They can be big or small, simple or complex, but when thinking about your goal(s), I want you to keep in mind two very important things:

1. Make your goal as specific and detailed as possible so you know what you are trying to accomplish, and how to go about achieving it.

2. WHEN do you want to achieve that goal by?  gives you a deadline.

The PR board is a celebration board!  Every time you achieve a personal record, PUT IT UP ON THE BOARD!  Your Fran time is 10 seconds faster, your max Clean is 5# more, your max reps push ups is up by 8, or your 1,000m row is 15 seconds faster – put it up on the board for all of us to see and celebrate!

Looking forward to seeing you all fill up that board in March!
Next time I will write more clearly;-)


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