Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity

We believe CrossFit is for everyone not only elite athletes. You shouldn’t be intimidated by CrossFit. It is challenging, but fun at the same time! CrossFit H2 classes typically consist of three sections: The group Warm Up, a Skill or Strength component and the WOD or “Workout of the Day”. We modify workouts as needed to match your fitness level, goals, and limitations. As CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting trainers we program everything so you never have to worry about “What” to do. If you commit to showing up, we’ll commit to teaching you everything you need to know! We teach you the basics of CrossFit and functional movements and how athletes progress from their very first WOD until they reach higher levels of elite fitness:

All new athletes start here. When you sign-up, you will receive a CFH2 Beginners Packet to help you learn about Crossfit and tracking of your beginning stages with us.

CrossFit Light is about learning the training methodology of CrossFit, our terminology, and working towards being able to perform movements safely and effectively. The concept of modifying workouts and movements (i.e. scaling) are introduced early so you understand where you can make improvement and what you need to focus on as an individual. CrossFit Light also begins to condition athletes to the high intensity style CrossFit WODs. CrossFit Light is designed to develop a Level 1 Athlete or continue as a less demanding WOD for those looking to maintain wellness and overall personal fitness.

In order to progress to Level 1, you must have a solid understanding of the basic CrossFit movements, be able to perform them correctly and understand how to scale it when appropriate. Level 1 WODs incorporate more advanced movements with increased volume and weigh. The Level 1 athlete trains to be able to perform all common CrossFit and gymnastics movements (squats, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, jump rope, running, rowing, box jumps, burpees, wall balls, kettlebell swings, sit ups, etc.) without assistance and to use heavier loads in weightlifting, while refining their mechanics further. They have progressed to more advanced movement patterns with the Olympic Lifts like the deadlift, clean, clean & jerk, push press/jerk, overhead squat, snatch technique, etc. Skill sessions are also incorporated in Level 1 programing to prepare athletes for Level 2 WODs. The majority of most CrossFitters after 3 months are at this Level.

The Level 2 programming is designed for an “above average” or “advanced” CrossFitter looking to increase their capacity to the upper echelon of elite fitness. Along with a more dynamic list of movements such as ring and bar muscle ups, GHD Sit ups, rope climbs, double unders, pistols, etc. these WODs will have multiple components to allow for greater volume and more skill work where needed. These WODs also tend to be increasingly heavier preparing athletes for local and regional competitions. To a beginner CrossFitter these WODs seem slightly unrealistic, more competitive and usually takes on average of a year to work towards. Often times these WODs will be slightly modified as a Level 1 Athlete transitions and develops more advanced skills.

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